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Zenscape is about expanding horizons. Creating the next generation of travel equipment, to help make life on the move simple. Presenting the Zenscape Travel Backpack, a versatile 30-50 litre carry-on with built in expandable wardrobe.

Zenscape Backpack: Your Travel Wardrobe


Save time, stay organised, explore more. Reclaim your valuable time in extraordinary destinations. No more unpacking, repacking or stressing over hidden items; your wardrobe is ready to go wherever the journey takes you. The simplest backpack to live from on the move, ever!


The Zenscape Backpack is designed for the adventure lifestyle. Exploring a new city one day and a different country the next. It's about having the flexibility to seize every opportunity at a moment's notice. Gear up and go in one minute; matching your nomadic DNA and global aspirations.

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Create your own customisable wardrobe wherever you are in the world. Suspend the pack from your hostel bunk, in a hotel cupboard, on wall hooks, or doors. Alternatively, the backpack can be used horizontally on a table or bed with the shelves providing expanding compartments for easy organisation. Adaptable to the environment; customisable to your preferences.

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