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Prototype Development Journey: From Idea to Reality

I'm thrilled to share the journey of developing our travel backpack prototype, which will soon hit Kickstarter! 🚀

a backpack being sewed on a sewing machine for a travel equipment brand
Sewing a Prototype Backpack

The picture above shows one of the many prototypes in the works. To develop the product quickly and cost effectively I had to learn to sew. Starting with hand stitching and moving to using a sewing machine as the prototypes developed. This was painful at times, quite literally! However it helped me further understand textile design and generate ideas faster than with freelancers making. Finally to take the product to the next level I worked with a textile designer. Developing the backpack to be manufactured efficiently and have show prototypes professionally created. Product testing was constantly going on during prototyping and played part of the loop.

Design > Prototype > Testing > Repeat

Throughout the prototyping stage, I have gained valuable insights, which I would like to share:

1️⃣ Developing a product is costly and time-consuming, requiring multiple rounds of prototyping. We've created currently 6 backpack prototypes (7 is on the way!) and various smaller parts mocked up for testing components.🎒

2️⃣ Using a minimum viable product (MVP) approach allows for more iterations and design refinement. I initially used left over recycled materials to create the first prototype, evaluate key dimensions and prove the concept. In addition only parts of the pack have been made at times for quicker testing. 🛠️

3️⃣ Involving industry experts is beneficial for practical design and manufacturing insights. A textile designer has provided invaluable assistance.🤝

4️⃣ Gaining knowledge about the trade is crucial. Understanding tech packs, sewing techniques, and industry jargon like MOQ is essential. I learned through audiobooks, collaboration, and factory feedback.📚

Stay tuned for our upcoming post, delving into the exciting realm of product testing! (a great excuse to travel!) 🌍

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Gabrielle Barlow
Gabrielle Barlow
Jul 12, 2023

Great to hear about your journey so far 👏🏼

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