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Product testing: A journey of progress and excuses to travel!

From Europe to Africa, the Zenscape travel backpack is being tested regularly. Progress has come along well and lessons learnt from the road are integrated into the design.

Design > Prototype > Testing > Repeat = Awesome Products 💯

Testing the Zenscape Travel Backpack in London
Testing the Zenscape Travel Backpack in London

We have been testing the backpack in hostels, hotels and even camping. The most recent trip to Spain was a real breakthrough and we are now in talks with factories making production samples. Key takeaways from the process...

1️⃣ There is so much to test! General proof of concept, features, style, fit, materials, durability, adaptability, eco-production, manufacturability and others. 🏭

2️⃣ Product testing is an invaluable source of knowledge. While conceiving an idea for a product is one thing. The real challenge arises when that idea takes form as a prototype and can be tested in realistic environments to fulfill its intended purpose. This process presents an opportunity to gather substantial insights. Once the core concept is validated, it becomes possible to fine-tune the design details and unlock its maximum potential. 📖

3️⃣ The process enables us to provide effective products that have consistently demonstrated their ability to solve problems. As a brand we want to build the best travel products for our customers, this stage is crucial in attaining that goal. 🥅

Travelling is also fun so more time on the road testing the better for the product and the team. Talk about a fun job! 😆


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