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⏰ Only 6 days left to get over 20% off the Zenscape Backpack!

The Zenscape Backpack has hit the funding goal and has only 6 days left of the campaign! 🎉 Over 190 backers so far have pledged to help bring this to life.

Thank you, to each and every one of you for backing the project and joining the Zenscape journey. It means more than you'll ever know! 😊 For anyone who hasn't backed yet, now is one of your last opportunities to own the Zenscape Backpack at these exclusive Kickstarter discounts. ⏰

Don’t forget you get a bigger discount buying with a friend. Who’s your travel buddy? Who do you know that might like to discover this game changing travel backpack? Friends, family, that colleague who always seems to be on trips, we would hate for your network to miss out on this opportunity!

Discounts available before the end of the campaign...

Early Bird 🐤 (22% discount)

Double Pack 🤝 (32% discount)

Four Pack 4️⃣ (33% discount)

Plus a free wash / flight bag included on all preorders!

See the campaign here

Please share the project with anyone you know who may like to discover the Zenscape Travel Backpack and help bring this project to life!

Many thanks,


Founder at Zenscape

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