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🎒 Generating ideas from struggles 💡

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Somewhere in Eastern Europe, the idea struck me as we interrailed through the beautiful countryside. A few weeks earlier my friend and I had flown to Istanbul, ready for a journey overland back to London. Multiple stop-offs on the way for breathtaking landmarks and attractions, we were constantly on the move. Staying only a few nights on average per hostel, on sleeper trains and camping at a festival. The schedule was fun and also hectic to say the least. But we wanted to fit as much in as possible. We seemed to be constantly packing and looking for items in our backpacks. I thought, there must be an easier was of doing this! A way we can keep our items organised and simple to move, as if we are still living at home.

On a long distance overnight train, whilst attempting to sleep my mind was wondering. I'm a designer and whenever I face issues like this I find myself analysing the problem and creating ideas. My aim was simple, to make life on the move efficient. Then I had an idea! A backpack with a unique design that solved this problem. I drew a few versions in my diary and finally allowed myself to sleep. Rocked by the train and the soothing clickety-clack as we sped over the tracks. Propelling us forward to our next of many adventures while I dreamt of the possibilities that lay ahead. 🛤️✨

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